Systems Integration within the high tech and infrastructure services projects were the primary focus of the Systems Resources Est. with the progress made in technology and the convergence of IT businesses, the pace of change has increased dramatically. The consequence of these changes has affected, and will continue to affect the way we live, socialize and do business.


The opportunities in this new world-order and specifically the “IT-world” are just tremendous. Besides capital investment that has to be made by large organizations, government and private, the services sector is witnessing the highest growth rate. Integration and the provision of total solutions are not applicable to Systems only. Services-Integration is one of the business areas that should see some of the highest growth rates in the industry.


Information is becoming more and more a strategic asset for the small and medium company. Systems Resources Est. is here to help users of the technology do their business better by leveraging new and creative ways to add value to their business process.

More and more, our world is becoming an IP-Centric world rather than the old world of circuit switched technology. This concept has revolutionized the way we have been looking at things. This trend has made convergence a possibility, and opened many social and business avenues.